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Our process has become refined over the years

“I needed help migrating a website from one server to another, as well as some Wordpress plug-in and SEO consultation. I found Kevin on Yelp and am pleased to say that he was very professional and friendly. The project was completed in less than 3 hours in our office. Thank you again!”

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There are several workflow stages that occur for the majority of our projects:

  • Estimations & discovery. We break up large & complex projects into individual tasks and objectives, and perform research in order to come up with close approximations for time & cost metrics.
  • Wireframing & prototyping. We create low fidelity sketches and outlines of how the website or product should be layed out, and the various high-level pages or layouts needed.
  • Design & development. We design high fidelity concepts based on the planning & research steps described above, and then build them out using modern web tooling & technologies.
  • Iteration & improvements. After launching or creating the first iteration of the project, we will incrimentally improve upon the existing project for fine-tuning.
  • Operational maintenance & bugfixes. Once the dust settles and the project is operational, we'll monitor and maintain everything to ensure that things are always working as expected. In the event that a bug gets reported, we'll work quickly to investigate and resolve them.

Project management approaches

We can adopt your existing project management approaches if you'd like, otherwise we'll suggest our own preferred approaches and tooling. Some of the tools we use regularly: Slack, Jira, Figma, Notion, Miro

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